When a child needs hospital care, a children's hospital is the best choice. Children are different than adults and so are their health care needs. Children’s hospitals train leading pediatricians and pediatric specialists, pioneer new vaccines and treatments, and use sophisticated technology just for kids.

At Miller Children's & Women's, we're dedicated to providing the highest quality care and safety for every child who enters the hospital with a patient and family centered care approach. No matter the type of visit, we understand that parents and families are a key component to a child's recovery.

What is patient and family centered care?

Patient and family centered care focuses on building partnerships between families and health care providers to best meet the needs of a patient and applies to patients of all ages. Our goal is to partner with our patients and families in their child’s care and provide a warm, comfortable and friendly environment with the information and resources necessary to support healing.

Patient and family centered care experience

  • Partnership
    We will partner with you to provide the best possible care for your child.
  • Dignity
    We will listen to you, answer your questions and honor your choices.
  • Respect
    We will respect your values, beliefs and cultural backgrounds.
  • Open Communication
    We will communicate information in a timely, accurate and unbiased fashion so you can actively participate in decision making.
  • Empowerment
    We will support and guide you in your participation of your child’s daily care at the level you choose.
  • Participation
    We will encourage and support your decision-making and participation in your child’s daily care, at the level you choose.
  • Collaboration
    We want to work with you and value your opinions of our service and may ask for your help in program development. Through our Patient & Family Advisory Council, you can partner with our teams to improve the patient experience for future patients and family members.