What is Patient and Family Centered Care?

Patient and family centered care focuses on building partnerships between families and health care providers to best meet the needs of a patient. Our goal is to integrate the patient’s perspective to improve and strengthen patient care, programs, policies and services that impact the patient and family experience.

The Patient & Family Advisory Council Role:

  • Collaborates with employees on the development of policies and programs that best serve patients and families
  • Participates in rounding with patients and hospital executives
  • Participates in process improvement work
  • Provides input into design and improvement of new and existing hospital buildings
  • Reviews and updates patient education materials
  • Represents the patient voice on various councils and committees
  • Represents the hospital at national and local opportunities

Our Mission:

The mission and purpose of the Patient & Family Advisory Council is to ensure that patient and family centered care is the philosophy practiced at Long Beach Medical Center and Miller Children's & Women’s Hospital Long Beach.

The Council Believes in the Core Concepts:

  • Dignity and Respect
    We will listen to and honor patients’ and families’ perspectives and choice.
  • Information Sharing
    We will communicate/share complete and unbiased information with patients and families in ways that are affirming and useful.
  • Participation
    We will encourage and support patients and families to participate in care and decision making at the level they choose.
  • Collaboration
    We will collaborate in policy and program development, implementation and development, in health care building designs, and in professional education, as well as in the delivery of the care.

How to Become an Advisor:

If you or a family member has had an experience with hospitalization or long term care through Long Beach Medical Center and Miller Children’s & Women's and you are willing to volunteer your time through monthly council meetings and project improvement work, please fill out an application to apply for an advisory role.