The Cherese Mari Laulhere Child Life Program was developed to help make the hospital experience a more positive one for children of all ages. Our Child Life Program has provided more than 50 years of patient and family centered care to patients, ages 0 to 21, offering developmental, educational and emotional support. Our child life specialists plan individualized and group programs that help children adjust to their hospital stay and promote the continuity of normal, daily childhood activities.

Kids Need More than Medicine to Get Well

Dress-up time, blowing bubbles, visiting with brothers and sisters, playing with the family pet or just e-mailing a friend can help reduce the stress and anxiety associated with the hospital. Special events, help brighten the spirits of patients. While we know our various patient and family centered programs help children cope, to your child, these activities are just plain old “fun.”

Miller Children’s & Women’s Stands Apart

  • Comprehensive, full-service, certified Child Life Programs are unique to children’s hospitals.
  • Child Life specialists help children cope with hospitalization in every area of the hospital, from the General Pediatrics to the Emergency Department and even in the centers and clinics where children receive follow-up care.
  • One of the most important aspects of any Child Life Program is the use of medical play to help lessen anxieties and fears of children.
  • Our Child Life Program is proud to offer activity playrooms throughout all areas of the hospital, complete with visits from specially trained pet therapy dogs.
  • We recommend pre-admission tours to our patients and their families if they know they are going to be hospitalized in advance to help lessen fears.

Giving to Our Patients

While no one wants to be in the hospital, our Child Life Program continually tries to create an environment for its patients and families that is fun, engaging and child-friendly.

It is through your generous gifts that we are able to continue providing exciting toys and gifts to children of all ages to help make hospitalization just a little bit easier.

Thank you for your interest in donating to support our patients and families. Due to COVID-19, we encourage you to use our online wish list to have our most needed items sent directly to us. This is the safest option for our patients and staff.