Whether your child’s visit to Miller Children’s & Women's is planned or the result of a sudden urgent need, having your child admitted to the hospital can be difficult. We're committed to your child’s safety while they receive quality care, and we know that you will have many questions. Please do not hesitate to ask about anything. It is much better to ask a question than worry. Everyone caring for you and your child wants to help you understand and cope with your child’s hospitalization.

Admitting Information

If the child is being hospitalized as an “inpatient” (and spending the night at the hospital), the parents need to first go to the Admitting Department in the lobby of Miller Children’s & Women's Hospital Long Beach to complete the admission paperwork. The paperwork includes a consent form for the patient. The family will also receive a handout called Patient and Visitor Information & Guidelines. It has information about hospital experience, visiting, and important telephone numbers to specific departments. Parents also will receive a visitors badge.

If the child is an “outpatient,” who’s just stopping by for a procedure or a clinic visit, the patient needs to go to Admitting to be registered, unless the patient has been “pre-admitted” in advance. This means an Admitting team member called the parent over the phone and was able to get all the information needed for the scheduled appointment. However, some patients who have been preadmitted over the phone, may still require additional registration completion. The front desk service excellence team will be able to see if the patient needs to visit the admitting department or if they can go directly to the clinic or department for their care. 

Admitting After Hours

  • The pediatric Admitting Department hours are Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. If a patient comes in after hours, the family needs to go to Long Beach Medical Center’s Admitting Department, which is located in the hallway between the two hospital lobbies.
  • If the child needs to be admitted after 10 p.m. and before 6 a.m., the family will need to go to the Emergency Department, where they can be admitted to Miller Children’s & Women's Hospital Long Beach. The emergency department will provide the family with a visitors badge.

If you have any questions before you bring your child to Miller Children’s & Women's, please feel free to contact Admitting at (562) 933-1335.