What to Bring to the Hospital:

  • Play and comfort items for your child
    A favorite blanket, toy, book or photographs of family will help soothe your child.
  • Comfy clothing for day and night
    We provide pajamas, but your child may feel more comfortable in his or her own clothing, especially comfortable clothes, such as sweat pants, t-shirts, socks, pajamas, or a robe. And don’t forget about you, parents need an extra pair of comfortable clothes as well.
  • Toiletries for your child and you
    Important items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, and face wash can help you and your child feel refreshed. For those unexpected trips to the hospital, some supplies are available in the Family Resource Center.
  • Cash or ATM card
    There are two ATM machines located on campus, one in the Lobby and one on the Ground Floor. Our hospital cafeteria accepts ATM cards as a form of payment.
  • List of medicines
    Bring a list of the prescription and non-prescription medicines and vitamin supplements your child is taking, including the name, dosage and concentration.
  • Car seat or booster seat
    Please remember to bring your car seat or booster seat, depending on your child’s weight and age.
  • Your child’s corrective aids
    Glasses, hearing aid, crutches, braces, corrective shoes, or other orthopedic aids are all important to bring with you.
  • Important documents
    Insurance information or court papers may be needed.