Hospital School Program InternsThe Hospital School Program at Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach was developed to ensure that patients are able to continue with their academic goals during a hospitalization. 

We encourage families to contact their child’s school in order to report absences and hospitalizations. We also encourage families to communicate with teachers in order to collect a child’s school assignments and homework.

Our Hospital School Program can:

  • Provide educational support to patients
  • Provide tutoring services to patients who are able to bring homework from school
  • Design lessons and assignments for patients who are unable to bring school homework
  • Utilize a variety of developmentally appropriate materials and resources to meet the academic needs of patients
  • Assist with contacting your child’s school to collaborate with school teachers and counselors, in order to obtain school work and clarify educational goals.
  • Address any questions you may have about the best academic program for your child during an extended hospitalization. 

We partner with the Long Beach Unified School District for other education needs while children are hospitalized. For more information about our Hospital School Program or to request services, please contact (562) 933-8055.