Welcome to Miller Children's & Women's Hospital Long Beach! We are dedicated to creating a safe, comfortable environment for our patients and visitors and want to be sure you have the right tools and resources you need for your visit. 

Child Life Program

The Cherese Mari Laulhere Child Life Program was developed to help make the hospital experience a more positive one for children of all ages. Our Child Life Program has provided 50 years of patient and family centered care to patients, ages 0 to 21, offering developmental, educational and emotional support. Our child life specialists plan individualized and group programs that help children adjust to their hospital stay and promote the continuity of normal, daily childhood activities. Learn more about our program, the child life specialist team and how to get involved. 



What should I bring?


How can I help prepare my child for their stay?


How can I prepare for taking my child home?


What public transportation options are there to get to the hospital?


Has the hospital added additional safety measures since COVID?


Keeping Our Patients Safe

The safety and security of our patients is our top priority. In addition to providing the highest quality patient care, we are committed to providing parents with peace of mind that their child will be safe in our care.

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