The School Reintegration Program is designed to help children return to school and other daily living situations. Specially trained psychologists, social workers and Child Life Specialists work directly with school personnel and classmates to provide a smooth transition and ensure a safe and supportive environment for the child. The program offers the following support for children: 

  • Assesses any learning difficulties associated with neuropsychological impairment caused by the child’s illnesses or extensive treatment regimens
  • Provides recommendations for educational services, including special education
  • Advocates for the implementation of special education and other services that could be helpful to the patient
  • Advises parents and older patients of their legal rights regarding assistance that is available through school districts
  • Counsels patients and families about the emotional and psychological stress of returning to school, college, work, etc.
  • Visits classrooms to educate students, decrease fear from peers and help returning patients succeed and reach their full potential

Monkey in my ChairMonkey In My Chair 

The School Reintegration Program offers Monkey In My Chair—a free program partnered with the Cure Starts Now Foundation, helps ease the transition of both school separation and school re-entry for children with cancer.  The Monkey In My Chair program helps young cancer patients stay connected with their school and, in turn, helps classmates better understand the challenges of fighting cancer.

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