Going home from the hospital following cancer or serious blood disorder treatment can bring on mixed feelings of excitement and anxiety for everyone in the family. Sometimes, going home for the first time can be an especially stressful experience because everything is new. 

After your child goes home, we are available and ready to help. This continuity of care ensures that the highest level of care is provided to children and their families every step of the way. Children and families gain peace of mind as they become familiar with the care team and establish relationships that will last throughout their journey. 

Parent Education

Your child’s pediatric hematologist/oncologist, nurses and other members of the care team will provide you education relative to the diagnosis, treatment and management of your child’s condition. The nurse educator can offer education and instruction on specific treatments or procedures, growth and development, nutrition and general physical health.

Ask a member of your care team if there are any educational materials you can bring home to learn about your child’s illness and how to manage it, or visit the Health Library.  

There also are special educational materials available to you in the Family Resource Center.

Available online resources: