Our Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) Program provides a family centered care approach to all diagnostic evaluations and otolaryngology (ENT) surgical therapy for children of all ages with conditions of the head and neck, including the ears, nose and throat.

Clinical Evaluation

Children ages birth through 21 years of age receive a comprehensive care plan that manages a child’s symptoms from diagnosis to treatment by a specialized ENT care team. Some common tests performed include, x-rays, hearing tests and other diagnostic procedures to help diagnose and treat various ears, nose and throat conditions. Laryngoscopy and bronchoscopy examinations may be done to check for abnormalities in the throat, esophagus and airways.

Some conditions may be controlled through medications or corrective devices, such as hearing aids. If the condition worsens or persists surgical care may be needed.

Otolaryngology (ENT) Surgical Care

Many times surgical care is needed to help stop or lessen the severity of an ears, nose or throat condition. The most common procedures performed by otolaryngologists, are myringotomy and tube placement in the ears, tonsillectomies and tympanoplasties. Our otolaryngologists work closely with other pediatric sub-specialists for consult on their surgical cases. Most ENT surgical care is done at our Surgical Center.

Follow-Up Care

Most patients will be asked to complete post-operative follow-up care with the ENT team to ensure that there are no complications from the surgery and that the patient is recovering well. This typically happens in the two to three weeks following the surgery. After a few follow-up visits care is usually returned back to the primary care physician.

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