Institute and Center Names

When using an institute or center name for the first time on a page you should use the formal institute name without the hospital name attached (i.e. The Jonathan Jaques Children's Cancer Institute). All subsequent uses don't need to include the formal name and can reference it as just an 'institute' or 'center' (i.e. our institute). 


  • Headline – This should always be the institute or center name. 
  • Subhead – Keep this short and only use it if it adds value. This could be something that better explains the services offered or showcases a differentiator. 
  • CTAs – These should be the main actions you want this audience to take. Always have at least one primary CTA.
Institute Marquee Example


Keep the overview section concise and speak to the key differentiators Miller Children’s offers as part of the institute or center. Refrain from long, lengthy paragraphs and break up text using bullets or lists. Link to content where relevant so the user can learn more if they wish. 

Video and image content is highly engaging and allows you to tell more of a story. When available you should leverage these types of content here and you can use the media gallery to do so. The overview is also a good area to showcase important and unique programs within the center or institute. Content teasers are a good way to showcase these. Use concise yet descriptive headlines and descriptions to encourage the user to click through to learn more. For each section of the overview remember to include headlines to separate the content, provide added context and keep the page easily scannable.

Overview Example


Overview Tour2

Cancer Center Support Programs


Centers & Programs

This area is used to highlight the most important and relevant programs while allowing users to click through to see a comprehensive list. Include the most relevant programs within the top three. Ensure the teaser text on the program cards is short and highly valuable. The goal is to help the audience understand what the program is in layman’s terms so they know just enough to decide if they want to learn more. Where possible, include program differentiators. 

Centers & Programs Example

Your Care Team

This section should highlight the primary doctors at the hospital that treat patients at the institute or center. Be sure to include a description for this section that speaks to the types of specialists that are part of the team, their experience and how the care they provide is unique.

In the “Other Team Members” section you can include support teams, specialists and other individuals that help provide support to patients throughout their journey. Be sure to include a description for each and allow users to click through if there is more detailed information about the individual or team. Your Care Team

Your Care Team Additional Team MembersLocations

Add the main location and additional locations that offer services for the institute or center. For the main location, add more detailed information about the facilities and amenities offered within the institute or center (i.e. free wifi, private rooms, etc.).Institute Locations

Awards & Recognition

Ideally, awards and recognition would be specific to the institute or center, but if broader hospital-wide awards are applicable then those can be added here as well. Include a brief description of the award and a logo/badge where relevant. 

Awards Example

Success Stories

Success stories should be specific to the institute or center. Include an image and brief summary or key line from the story that encapsulates how the institute or center created a positive impact for the patient. Keep the summary brief but captivating to encourage users to click through to learn more. Include an image of the patient when possible. Success Stories


The more section should include all of the nice-to-have content on the page. This content shouldn’t be important in understanding the value of the services offered by the center or institute. Instead, it’s added value content that may be interesting or helpful to some audiences.

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