The website is built to achieve Level AA in ADA compliance, and therefore most of the compliance work will be completed by the time the website launches. However, there are a few things to keep in mind as you populate content.

  • Try to avoid using text in any images you upload as much as possible. If you must use text in an image, be sure the text is not crucial to the understanding of the image, and you will need to populate the image’s alt field in the CMS with an accurate description of the image. Please note the alt field is only technically required when the image is conveying important information — if it is just aesthetic in nature (i.e., a photo of a smiling child) then the alt field becomes optional.
  • For any pre-recorded media it's required to provide captions and/or transcripts. 
    • Video – We use YouTube hosted video on the site and YouTube provides captioning for all videos. It is recommended that you review the YouTube transcript to make sure it is adequate. If desired, you can upload your own transcript to YouTube. 
    • Audio – Any audio file upload must be accompanied by a separate transcript. This transcript will appear next to the audio on the site and open in a new window.