Every pediatric patient will need to transition to an adult physician, so they remain in an age-appropriate health care setting. Done abruptly, this change can be overwhelming and cause anxiety for young adults and their families.

Support and Education

A planned, coordinated transition over years can help young adults continue to receive care that is uninterrupted and appropriate for their age.

  • Our Transition of Care Program offers support and education to young adults with chronic illnesses. 
  • For many young adults finding a new specialty doctor, who is comfortable treating them, is difficult.
  • A transitional care coordinator guides each patient through their transition utilizing a
    multi-disciplinary care team to ensure the patient understands their disease and can independently care for every aspect of their disease.
  • Starting in their early teens, until age 21, patients receive education to prepare them for independence:
    • Medication management
    • Future care providers
    • Preparing for college or the workforce

Unique Differentiator – Shared Campus

Unique for a Transition of Care Program, we share a campus with Long Beach Medical Center allowing many pediatric patients to transition smoothly to adult care without having to adjust to a new setting.