The High Risk Infant Follow Up Center (CCS) at the Stramski Children’s Developmental Center provides extensive follow-up care to infants discharged from the NICU at Miller Children’s & Women's and other surrounding hospitals. Infants who experience unusual or difficult birth circumstances may need extensive medical follow-up care after discharge. This program allows parents to learn more about their baby and ways to help their baby develop.

Parents may have questions or concerns about caring for their infant who is experiencing developmental delays or is transitioning out of the NICU. The expert developmental care team starts building a relationship with the family and the patient during their stay in the NICU and may continue through the age of 3. This ongoing care is provided in a warm, friendly environment.

Care Provided:
  • Growth and development assessment
  • Nutritional evaluation and guidance
  • Feeding evaluation
  • Family support
  • Parent education
  • Coordination/referral to community resources
  • Safety instruction
  • Instruction on medication, equipment, and special procedures
  • Literature on age-appropriate play
  • Coordination of health services


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