At Miller Children’s, clinical social workers understand that hospitalization of a child due to illness or injury is one of the most stressful events that families can experience. Clinical social workers are available in all areas of the hospital where children and adolescents are treated to assist families in dealing with the broad range of seen and unforeseen psychosocial stressors that accompany hospitalization.

As part of the health care team, the social workers work closely with all members of the team to ensure that psychosocial services are provided to enhance and support the quality of care for children and their families.  Social work partners with patients and families to identify strengths that assist in healthy coping when dealing with illness and hospitalization.

The social work services department is made up of professionals and programs dedicated to integrating the patient and families as part of the health care team. By understanding patient and family concerns, social work professionals join with the health care team in developing options and plans that meet the patient and families current concerns and needs.

Social workers provide services depending on the needs and circumstances of each patient and family.

Services may include counseling and assistance with:
  • Adjustment to illness and hospitalization
  • Assessment of patient and family needs
  • Parenting and care-giving concerns
  • Grief-related issues
  • Family issues or conflicts
  • Depression, anxiety, mental health concerns
  • Substance abuse
  • Access to community resources and support groups
  • School or educational concerns
  • Understanding and compliance with the treatment plan
  • Communicating individual cultural practices
  • Assessment of child abuse, neglect, rape or other assaults

There are dedicated social workers assigned to every patient either by the patient’s diagnosis or by the specific care unit where the patient is receiving treatment.

Contact Social Work Services

Social work services is committed to providing psychosocial services for Miller Children's patients and families 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

It’s easy to speak with a social worker, all families have to do is:

Ask your child’s nurse, doctor or any other healthcare provider to put in a referral for the social worker or call the Social Work Services Department at (562) 933-0017 and ask for the social worker assigned to the patient’s area. After hours, parents and families can ask a member of the health care team to page social work services.