The 36-bed Small Baby Center is the largest in the region and is designed to care for the tiniest premature infants in a serene, womb-like environment with dim lights and quiet surroundings. Within the Small Baby Unit, we have a dedicated Extremely Low Birthweight Program dedicated to micro-preemies.

During pregnancy, a baby meets growth and development milestones each week. When a baby is born prematurely, they are more likely to experience health problems because they did not spend a full 40 weeks in the womb. Since the baby had less time in the womb, they may have some medical conditions that need to be taken care of in a NICU environment.

The Small Baby Center's multi-disciplinary team has extensive training for babies who need extra special care. The team utilizes medical best practices to provide the unique environment needed by these infants.

The Small Baby Center involves the family at every step of the patient’s stay in the NICU with daily scheduled rounding, which includes the family.

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