The Larry & Helen Hoag Foundation Pediatric Urology & Nephrology Center specializes in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment and urologic and renal conditions. Its board-certified pediatric urologists and nephrologists perform the latest in surgical procedures ranging from very simple circumcisions to the most complex complex reconstruction and minimally invasive surgery.

The Urology & Nephrology Center team includes an experienced pediatric urology nurse practitioner and CCS nurse specialist for nephrology. We understand that treatment for urologic and renal conditions can be challenging for a child and their family, so the team provides guidance and support throughout the treatment process.

  • We're one of only a few hospitals on the entire west coast to combine its pediatric urology and nephrology programs into a comprehensive center - offering a better patient experience through improved outcomes in prevention, diagnosis and treatment.  
  • We're one of the few hospitals in the area to provide renal replacement therapy to children as young as 2-years-old.
  • Miller Children’s & Women’s is unique, since it also provides leading high risk and maternity care. Therefore the Urology & Nephrology Center team can coordinate with maternal-fetal medicine specialists for pregnant women who shows signs of fetal urologic anomalies on their sonogram. This allows us to diagnose and get a treatment plan sooner for pregnant women and their unborn child with urological conditions.
  • The Urology & Nephrology Center care team conducts reconstructive surgery using robotic techniques. This allows for complex reconstructive cases to be done through small “keyhole” incisions. Urologic reconstructive surgery involves surgery of the kidney, ureter or bladder to restore normal flow of urine.