The Long Beach Alliance for Children with Asthma (LBACA) is a community coalition that is dedicated to improving the lives of children with asthma in the greater Long Beach area.

LBACA’s long-term goal is to improve clinical outcomes for children with asthma including the reduction in preventable hospitalizations, emergency department visits, school absenteeism due to asthma, and enhance quality of life measures.

LBACA employs a multi-faceted, community-based approach addressing the systems, policies and social barriers to effective asthma care using evidence-based models. It examines and addresses factors at every level of influence including self-management, family and the home, provider capacity and expertise, school and after-school support, community awareness and action, environmental measures and conducive health protective public policies.

Programs and Activities

Fight Asthma Tracker

Our Fight Asthma Tracker alerts asthma patients to manage their health when asthma danger is high with an interactive website and phone text messages.

Developed by SmartAirLA with guidance from LBACA, the Tracker also pinpoints pollution hotspots in the neighborhoods with high asthma hospitalization and school absenteeism rates for clean air initiatives. LBACA led a coalition of LB-LA Harbor health and environmental organizations that identified the pollution hotspots. Sign up to receive text messages. 


LBACA offers a Community Health Worker Asthma Home Visitation Program using a team approach to asthma management, which involves the parent, child, doctor, school, after-school program, childcare, coach, and anyone that spends time caring for the child.

Community Health Workers educate and raise awareness for parents of children who have moderate to severe persistent asthma and are poorly controlled. Community Health Workers provide three home visits, perform home environmental assessments to identify what might trigger a child’s asthma symptoms; educate families to improve their child’s asthma; provide free supplies to minimize household triggers; provide support with property owners and doctors; and, link families to appropriate services.


LBACA offers training and information for school personnel, including nurses, health aides, after school caregivers, office staff and teachers in Long Beach Unified School District and Los Angeles Unified School District to help reduce asthma attacks, school absenteeism due to asthma and improve asthma management at school.


LBACA offers training to physicians and medical assistants and office staff to help improve long-term asthma outcomes.


Free classes are offered to educate families on what asthma is, how to identify triggers, asthma signs, correct use of asthma medications and gadgets, and how to work with your medical provider.

For more information on LBACA, call (562) 933-5650


Centers & Programs

Locations & Affiliations


Children’s Pulmonary Institute

Our Children's Pulmonary Institute has board-certified specialists in pulmonology, allergy and immunology who work together to treat and improve the quality of life for children and young adults with conditions involving the lungs and respiratory system, such as asthma, lung disease of premature infants, cystic fibrosis, allergies, sleep disorders and more.