What is Perinatal Connections/Fetal Care Coordination?

Our team provides support for mothers who have found out that their baby has a condition that will need special care after the baby is born. Whether your baby’s condition is straightforward or complex, our team goal is to support you on your journey.

This support is tailored to the individual needs of your baby and family. We work with each mother and her primary medical doctor (family practice or obstetrician), pediatric specialty doctors, and other health care providers as needed to ensure that there is a plan for each baby to receive the care they need, and that each family has their questions answered.

Perinatal Connections Program Capabilities

During Pregnancy
  • Comprehensive care addressing the physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs of you and your family.
  • Coordination to see doctors who are specialists in your baby’s medical condition.
  • Assisting you with creating a personal, detailed birth plan, which reflects your values and addresses your goals.
  • Introduction to the Labor & Delivery suites, the Neonatal Intensive Care unit (NICU), and other hospital units as appropriate.
  • Referral to various health care team members as needed or desired.
During Delivery and the Time Following Birth
  • Assistance coordinating your infant’s care and treatment in accordance with your birth plan.
  • Support and guidance if/when you wonder about complex medical decisions and about how to make choices for your baby.
  • Provision of resources for future support as needed.
  • Assistance with transitioning from hospital to home as appropriate.

Why Has Your Doctor Recommended Perinatal Connections?

Your doctor has recommended our program because during pregnancy your baby has been diagnosed with a condition that will require special care.

Our program is designed to:

  • Connect you and your family with resources and necessary health care providers/medical teams.
  • Support you in making thoughtful decisions about your wishes for your baby’s birth.
  • Provide comfort to you and your family during what can be an overwhelming time.

Your Health Care Team Members

  • Fetal Care Coordinator – A specially trained Nurse Practitioner who will act as a guide throughout your Perinatal Connections journey.
  • Obstetrician – A physician who provides ongoing prenatal care and support through delivery.
  • Maternal/Fetal Medicine Physician – A high-risk obstetrics physician who sub-specializes in caring for health concerns of the mother and/or baby prior to, during, and shortly after pregnancy.
  • Pediatric Specialists – Pediatric providers who specialize in the management of your baby’s medical condition (e.g. intensive care doctors, surgeons, cardiologists, palliative care, etc.). They can provide an explanation of your baby’s condition and support you in making informed decisions regarding your baby’s care.
  • Social Worker – Provides psychosocial support and resources to your family.
  • Chaplain – Provides spiritual, emotional, and bereavement care while supporting a patient and family’s faith/cultural beliefs, values and practices.
  • Psychologist – Assesses for mental health needs and provides specialized interventions to enhance coping and build resilience.
  • Child Life Specialist – Provides educational and emotional support to siblings, offering age-appropriate explanations of the hospital environment and medical information.
  • Lactation Consultant – Provides support for mothers to breastfeed successfully. Also provides advice on lactation suppression or milk donation as needed.

Contact our Perinatal Connections Nurse Navigator/Nurse Practitioner at (562) 480-7120 or (562) 933-3029.