The Birthing Center (Labor & Delivery) is designed for comfort and safety. The entire birthing experience takes place in a private labor, delivery and recovery suite, complete with a bathroom and shower. Each suite is equipped with a state-of-the-art birthing bed that allows patients to deliver in the position that is most comfortable. These spacious rooms allow the mother, partner or coach and her family and friends (up to three) to visit and celebrate the birth in bright and airy surroundings.

The BirthCare Center offers the very latest in technical and developmental care techniques and encourages parental involvement in all aspects of care so parents and loved ones can spend as much time as possible with their baby. The BirthCare Center care team keeps patients informed every step of the way and ensures the entire family is comfortable and taken care of during this important time. If planning a medicated delivery or cesarean section (C-section), anesthesiologists are on staff and in the hospital at all times to provide quality care.

If the need for a C-section arises, there are dedicated operating rooms down the hall from Labor & Delivery just for C-sections.



The BirthCare Center at Miller Children’s & Women's Hospital Long Beach is a dedicated center for expectant women, providing compassionate, quality health care during pregnancy. The BirthCare Center offers a comprehensive program of research, diagnosis, treatment, educational resources, maternity classes, and individual and family support programs all under one roof.

Miller Children's is unique since it has a maternity center under the same roof as a full-service children's hospital. This means an in-house maternal fetal subspecialist, neonatologist and anesthesiologist, as well as clinical laboratory services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to patients. This ensures the highest quality care for maternity and neonatal patients throughout the region, and both mom and baby get the specialized care they need.




  • Wide range of prenatal classes.
  • High-risk obstetric team widely recognized for exceptional clinical outcomes.
  • Expertise with multiple births.
  • Private labor and delivery suites.
  • Low cesarean rates.
  • Multilingual staff.
  • Dedicated BirthCare Surgical Center.
  • HIV prophylaxis program.
  • Perinatal/neonatal bereavement services.
  • California Children’s Services (CCS).
  • Complete pediatric sub-specialty services.
  • Educational programs for nurses and physicians.