CertaScanLONG BEACH, Calif.  – May 5, 2022 – MemorialCare Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach recently installed a new and innovative infant safety system developed by CertaScan Technologies. Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital is the first children’s hospital within all of Los Angeles and Orange County to provide this service to moms and the community it serves – continuing its commitment to high quality care and patient safety.

At Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital, CertaScan is an added security measure. It’s a security system that allows the team at Miller Children’s & Women’s to capture high-resolution newborn footprints that can be used for precise identification in situations that might cause a separation between parent and baby, like a natural disaster. CertaScan also captures a photo of the infant at the time of the foot scan and a scan of the index fingerprint of mom. After the baby’s footprint is scanned, all identifying medical information is stored securely within the CerstaScan database and parents are given password protected access after delivery.

“Implementing CertaScan has allowed us the opportunity to offer parents, especially first-time parents, the reassurance that they’re baby is safe. Parents are always looking for the best for their kids even before they’re born. So being able to provide an added layer of security layer for their newborn, is great,” says Jenna Ogborn, RN, clinical educator, labor and delivery, Miller Children’s & Women’s. “It’s also increased the family experience at delivery. Being able to take a keepsake home that they can refer to throughout the year, marking the moment of their newborn’s birth.”

Because of these strict safety protocols, CertaScan has garnered the attention and praise of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) and the technology has been included as a recommendation for hospitals in its most recent Infant Security Guidelines.

Along with being a safety feature at Miller Children’s & Women’s, CertaScan allows parents to be able to pull up their baby’s footprint up to a year after their birth. They can use the copy of the footprint for various keepsakes and print it out free of charge. And if a baby happens to be admitted into the neonatal intensive care unit, parents can re-scan the baby’s foot and document the progression of growth through foot scans.

As the only children’s hospital in Los Angeles and Orange County to offer CertaScan, Miller Children’s & Women’s patients have the unique ability to create memories sooner with their newborn and an added sense of security knowing that they can identify their baby at any point in their life.