While fundraising is not mandatory, it can be easy and fun. Whether you collect $5 or $1,500, your fundraising dollars fuel our mission-related initiatives of care, support and research that impact our patients.

Make an Online Fundraising Page

Creating an online fundraising page is quick and easy. You can get social and share the donation link on your social media pages or with your contact list.

Mail Personal Letters

Write a personal letter and send it to your friends near and far, asking them to support your efforts.

Host a Lemonade Stand

Have your kids set up a lemonade stand in front of your house. Charge a $1 a cup and encourage them to let everyone know that they are working to raise money in support of patients affected by cancer at the Jonathan Jaques Children’s Cancer Institute.

Host an Ice Cream Social

Contact your local shop and let them know you would like to have an ice cream social to help raise money for the Jonathan Jaques Children’s Cancer Institute. They will schedule a day for you to invite your friends, neighbors and family to come in and buy a cone, cup or sundae, with a portion of the proceeds being returned to your cause.

Ask Your Local Stores

Do you frequent a local beauty shop, mechanic or dry cleaners? Let them know that you are raising money for the Jonathan Jaques Children’s Cancer Institute and see if they are interested in donating or able to offer any other fundraising ideas.


Ask your child’s teacher if their class would like to support their classmate’s efforts in raising money for the Jonathan Jaques Children’s Cancer Institute by putting a jar in the classroom and asking students to donate their spare change. Make it content for the class; for example, you can offer to bring celebratory cupcakes if they are able to fill the jar.

Sell Paper Hearts

Your child can sell paper hearts (we will provide these for you) during lunch or other times during the school day for $1. Display the hearts with the student’s name in a prominent location, such as outside the cafeteria or along school hallways. Please get the principal’s permission before selling and displaying. This can also be done at an office or local shops like your mechanic, beauty salon, and dry cleaners.

Contact us at (562) 933-8600 to request paper hearts.