With recent school closures, high school student Asha Greenidge wanted to keep herself busy during her free time while also making a positive impact. What started with her family gathered around the dinner table has now become Project Caring Cards – a mission to deliver custom, handmade cards to health care workers, hospital patients and nursing homes.

Project Caring Cards began in March 2020, with Asha’s family helping her create dozens of heartfelt cards. Each card comes with hand drawn pictures, inspiring words of encouragement and praise for the hospital patients and staff that receive them. 

“Our cards are meant to recognize and thank doctors and front line staff for their amazing service,” says Asha. “We also try to amuse, comfort and inspire the patients who receive them.”

Not long after Project Caring Cards launched, Asha’s friends and sports teammates joined her effort – and have since delivered more than 1,000 cards to the care teams and young patients at MemorialCare Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach.

“We’ve received so much appreciation for the cards that have been delivered to Miller Children’s & Women’s,” says Asha. “It’s important that we show appreciation to the hardworking doctors and frontline staff during this time. We also want hospital patients to know that someone is thinking of them and cares.”

Project Caring Cards are currently handcrafted by more than 80 families and are delivered to six other facilities in Southern California. Asha and her family hope to extend Project Caring Cards to out-of-state hospitals and nursing homes.

“Our patients and staff are grateful for Asha’s generosity,” says Nick Arce, director, patient relations, Miller Children & Women’s. “These thoughtful cards bring a smile to everyone’s face!”

Asha has a short-term goal of delivering 2,500 cards in California this summer. She has a long-term goal of having kids from around the country deliver 10,000 cards to hospitals throughout the U.S. by December 31.

“There’s absolutely no way I could’ve created this many cards on my own," says Asha. "I’d like to personally thank my teammates, friends, and family for their dedication, creativity, and support.”

To support Asha or learn more, follow her on Instagram @projectcaringcards.