In late June, Choose Joy Productions and the Cherese Mari Laulhere Child Life Program’s Music Therapy Program partnered to bring the passion of music to patients with a concert and guitars.

Music therapy is used to help patients in different ways. It’s patient specific, which means goals for therapy vary from patient to patient. After reviewing the strengths and needs of a patient, a certified music therapist can indicate which treatment plan is best for that particular patient. Music can be a creative outlet for patients when they’re struggling with new emotions, fears, and physical ailments.

Choose Joy Productions, a non-profit organization based in Ohio, was started during the COVID-19 pandemic by a group of people who wished to make a difference through musical instruments and music production. They’re passionate about getting patients in hospitals to start music at different places in their lives, whether it’s them starting at an early age or to help them overcome a rough patch. 

“We want to provide patients with a quality instrument that is ready to go and easy to play,” explains Noah Adelsberger, co-founder, Choose Joy Productions. “Our mission is to not only put instruments into the hands of aspiring creators, but to help create a new generation of musicians.”

Choose Joy Productions also brought Jordan Lukin and Steve Blake from Animal Sun, an indie rock band based in Los Angeles. They provided mini outdoor concerts and played a few songs for patients. Afterward, patients were given brand-new guitars that included a case, an effects processor, picks and cables. The band members also gave short one-on-one guitar lessons and tips.

“Music therapy is far reaching because it’s able to assist with relaxation, pain management, cognitive development, self-expression, physical goals and speech goals,” says Laurel Terreri, board-certified music therapist, Miller Children’s & Women’s. “Whether it’s through events like a guitar giveaway or mini-concert, we’ll continue to use the power of music to bring comfort and joy to our patients.”

Hospitals in the U.S. can contact Choose Joy Productions if they would like to partner with them and host a guitar giveaway. Although they’re willing to travel to any location in the country, they want to take their mission internationally in the future and continue changing lives through music.

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