In the 1990s, 20 years after opening, we turned to our patients and families to help choose a mascot that would represent the essence of our hospital.

The community decided on a dolphin named Millie. Its attributes: intelligence, warmth and healing, the shared values of Miller Children’s & Women’s.

Since then, Millie the Dolphin, was incorporated into our logo. Over the years the logo has evolved, along with the expertise of our health care.

In 2003, women’s health care became part of Miller Children’s & Women's Hospital Long Beach when it brought women’s services (maternity care) under its license. As a result, we saw the first evolution of our logo in 2006 when we added a pup dolphin representing the specialized pediatric care, as well as comprehensive maternity care provided for expectant mothers under one roof. 

In 2014, we officially added “& Women’s” to our name to reflect the full level of care we provide for our community. We believe that moms and babies are meant to stay together. That’s why we’re the only hospital in LA and Orange Counties to have 24/7 maternal-fetal medicine specialists and neonatologists providing specialized care for mom and baby under one roof.

If a delivery isn’t routine, the baby is moved just down the hall from mom to receive neonatal intensive care. At other hospitals without these capabilities, the baby would need to be transported to a nearby hospital, away from mom.

In 2018, we introduced the latest evolution of our logo, which still features Millie the Dolphin and her pup, playfully representing specialized care for both maternity and pediatric patients. A new heart shape formed where the mother and baby dolphins connect to signify the patient and family-centered care philosophy that is still a cornerstone of Miller Children’s & Women's. It also embodies the loving environment and commitment we have to provide a simply better patient experience.