A key part of our mission is to advocate on behalf of kids in our community in the public policy arena. One of the ways we care for children is by advocating with legislators and government agencies to help improve pediatric health care, on a local, state and national level.

Public policies are critical to a children’s hospital's ability to care for all children, through clinical care, training, research and public health. We partner with other children’s hospitals and the Children’s Hospital Association (CHA), to work with policy makers to ensure children’s unique health care needs are not overlooked and every child has access to high quality, cost effective care.

Along with our partners, we strive to:
  • Advise on policies that seek to improve children’s health care quality and safety
  • Spread the word on what works to improve children’s health outcomes
  • Advocate to local state and government officials to pass laws that protect and promote health of children in the community
  • Promote health care reform

Speak Now for Kids

Speak Now for Kids is an online child advocacy network that provides an open forum for the public to express their thoughts and concerns about children and health reform. Parents, family members, health care providers and other advocates are urged to tell Congress why children matter in health reform – through stories, photos and videos.

We serve as a hospital partner along with more than 100 other children’s hospitals across the nation. To be a champion of children or to tell your story visit Speak Now for Kids.

Become a Voice for Children

Children don’t have a strong voice in public policy decision making. Advocates for children can make sure that their needs and concerns are heard when important public policy decisions are made in Sacramento or Capitol Hill. Join the voices of physicians, health care professionals, patients and families with business leaders and community members to speak up clearly and powerfully for kids when public policy decisions are made. Advocates write letters, make phone calls, and share information when needed to influence public policies. You can help by getting involved and making your voice heard.

For more information call (714) 377-3251 or contact the Vice President of Advocacy & Government Relations by using this form below:

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